The Machines of Hell

I will be performing a set this Sunday, the 8th of June, called The Machines of Hell.  This will be a darker and more rhythmic performance but will have a lot of dark ambient drone elements as well.  I’ve been working on this piece for weeks and there is both a joy and sadness when performing these pieces, like birthing a child and then giving it away.

This show will have the lovely Garland Villanova playing first and Snowman(Mike Burns of Mouth Captain, Electric Hawk) playing second.  I am thrilled to be playing a show with both of them and also excited to be playing at Space Oddities so please show up early to check out the other performers and the shop.

Show starts at 7pm

1007 N. California Ave.


Suggested donation is $3


There is a darkness within us all.  We try to push it down, try to bury the living in tombs we construct out of fear and neglect.  Crutches are anchors.  Busy hands are not what they seem.  Selflessness is a thought held only by the selfish.


Here are some photos that my wonderful friend Liz Bustamante shot at Deagan Music the 14th day of October, 2011 for the Polyamorous set.  This performance was an audio portrayal of the complexities of a Polyamorous relationship.  Some people are able to pull this off by being in a relationship with multiple partners, the closest I’m going to get to this is being in multiple bands.

A Fast Death in Slow Motion – Samuel “Poker Face” Hayworth

Here is a video from the PRF BBQ show at Klas Restaurant in Cicero, IL.  The piece was entitled A Fast Death in Slow Motion and you can read about the story behind it in a previous post.  It was a pleasure to perform this piece with Nicole Miller on theremin, she has an admirable amount of control and if you missed this performance then you should see her perform sometime.  A big thanks for Caffeinated Recordings for once again capturing this moment in time.

Solofest #2

I will be playing a show at Deagan Music on the 14th day of October, 2011.  Deagan Music is located at 1770 W. Berteau Ave. in Chicago, doors are at 9pm and I go on first at 9:30pm.  This will be a part of the second Solofest at Deagan music put on by Tomasz Jurczak of the band Last King of Poland.  Here’s the line up…

Plastic Boner Band – harsh noise set
Last King of Poland – power electronics set
Vehicle Blues – a one man shoegazing machine
Oxymoron – swift one man hip hop
Life on Mercury – Ambient/Drone soundscapes

The piece that I will be performing for this show will be a very slow moving piece entitled Polyamorous.

Time for rest

Performing this past weekend at the PRF BBQ Auktoberfyst was a wonderful experience with Nicole Miller on theremin.  The piece that we performed was called A Fast Death in Slow Motion and it is about a fictional character from the 1800′s who commits a bank robbery and murder and after he is caught he is sentenced to be hanged.  The theremin was the soul of the individual and my sounds were the cause of death, the rope, the last breath, the fading of consciousness, the brain fading away and slipping into death’s dark grasp.  Here’s the story of Samuel “Poker Face” Hayworth…

“On the 1st day of October 1884, Samuel “Poker Face” Hayworth is to be hanged for an attempted bank robbery and the murder of William P. Worthington.  Samuel Hayworth was also wanted for committing multiple bank robberies and the possible murder of Jeb Williams.  Samuel Hayworth was born on the 17th day of June 1853 and has no known survivors to mention.  A brief memorial service will be held at Klas Restaurant.”

Even the content lives of The Harmoniums were once disrupted by a man, peeling them off the cave walls of Mercury.  Life is a precious and fragile gift that we often take for granted whether it’s our own because of being too distracted with what our world thinks is important or whether it’s someone else’s life due to greed.  Is there murder without greed?  I’m not sure if I believe it’s possible.

The introduction of Life on Mercury

Life on Mercury started out as an idea that I had years ago, even before starting Bear Claw with Rob and Scott, I’m guessing about 10 or 11 years ago.  Over the past decade I’ve had it stuck in my head that I needed to find people to start an actual band but now I’ve decided that most of the shows will be solo performances and occasionally I will have guest musicians work with me.  The change of gears I will have to accredit to Tomasz Jurczak of the band Last King of Poland as he asked me to perform at a festival in which he called Solofest.  I had no intention of ever playing solo with this project but with him nudging me to play the show, it motivated me to actually get this thing off the ground and breath some life into it.

The first performance was held at Deagan Music on the 13th day of August 2011 with eight other solo acts, one of them being Last King of Poland.  All of the acts that night were amazing and I was thrilled to be a part of it and glad that some friends made it out to the show as well.  Also, one of the highlights of the show was Nicole Miller’s performance on Theremin.  I was so impressed with her performance that I immediately asked her to perform as a duo with me for a show.  That show came up sooner than planed and after one practice with her we’re going to be performing and the PRF BBQ Auktoberfyst at Klas Restaurant in Cicero, IL on the 1st day of October 2011.  This will be part of a three day music fest and I’m thrilled that we get to perform our set.

A big thanks to Matt Engstrom and Jim Birch of Caffeinated Recordings for filming and editing the video.  The performance from that night is a shortened version of a piece I wrote years ago called Absence which was original around 50 minutes.

The Harmoniums

Life on Mercury is a very simple and calm existence taken on by creatures called The Harmoniums.  They are very happy at home on the cave walls of Mercury, their lives spent feeding on the sounds of the planet.  To live such a life must be a spectacular thing.